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When someone you hate has an amazing talent




Post-show selfies with the bestie.

#wouldbang/10, amirite? ;) lol jokes

Kenneth Cole Fall/Winter 2014 campaign

Embarrassed Jr. after saying ‘Noona, I love you’ ft. a jealous frozen Mark

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Tell me a bedtime story


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I have this perception of myself when I look in the mirror that I don’t look  typically east Asian. I am Asian and realistically I know I probably do look as Asian as can be, but I don’t feel like I do. It’s not exactly politically correct of me, because ‘what is a typical Asian meant to look like, huh?’

Was it because I was raised in a Western country? Yet no one else I know has this thought. It’s not like I yearn to be ‘white’. I actually regret that I don’t look (in my opinion) more typically east Asian. I would probably be attractive, because I look plain weird at the moment.

I’m kinda fcked up in the head, aye? haha. Thoughts?

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Good lighting + decent camera app = miracles

ph. Danny Lowe

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